Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I've been up to recently

Sorry I must apologise for not blogging for a while. It has been a rather busy few weeks which have really flown by but its been really nice. On Saturday 15th January, I & four other assistants went up to Nancy for the day. Nancy is a city in the North-East of France, not far from Germany and a short train ride from Reims. Its a very attractive city and I was particularly impressed by the town centre, Place Stanislas which was built by Stanilas, the Duke of Lorraine & former King of Poland at some point during the 18th century. There's not a whole lot to do there but it was very pretty and it was nice to just get out of Reims for the day, have a wander, explore the little shops and eats lots of yummy food! 

Otherwise I've been getting on with teaching which has been going well. Having done lots of stuff on the UK last term with my groups, I've begun to focus more on the USA with the majority of groups. Although I'm a British assistant, the school see me as an international assistant because of my strong interest in US culture and politics as well as my Indian heritage therefore I've been encouraged to do things like US politics/Indian culture with my groups.

I've also been enjoying Reims too! On Friday night, we celebrated Adrien (one of the American assistant's) birthday. We went to a karaoke bar which was a lot of fun ! We've also been doing regular games nights playing articulate which has become a little addiction of mine & everyone gets very competitive. I've also been trying to plan a trip I'm taking next month with 4 of the other assistants. We are going interrailing and going to Vienna, Budapest, Prague & Munich. I'm really looking forward to it especially as I've never been to any of these places.

That's all for now. My next blog post which I plan to write asap is going to be about my verdict of the year abroad so far as we've just hit the half way mark of the teaching assistantship !

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